Top Tips: Becoming a Social Networking Guru - Part 1

While conventional networking strategies are by no means out of date, it is undeniable that professional networking through social media is likely the wave of the future. I’ve been reading Katie, Brad, and Jenna’s blogs which are chock full of great social networking tips, and I find myself evaluating my own networking tactics. Are my professional networking sites a good example for the students I help? After reading over my own LinkedIn profile I find that it could definitely use a little TLC to become a much more effective networking and job search tool. Also, I’ve been quite hesitant in starting a Twitter account or creating my own blog and e-resume. However, motivated by the wonderful tips of my colleagues here at CDS, I am going to embark on the journey to becoming a social networking guru, and I want to pass along the tips and tricks I learn to you!

So, what does it take to master social media and harness its potential for your job search? Over the next few weeks we will look at:
  1. Maximizing the power of LinkedIn profiles, groups, applications, and discussion boards
  2. How to Twitter professionally and purposefully
  3. Conquering personal Blogging to highlight your individual skills and expertise
  4. Using online portfolio/resume resources effectively
  5. Re-evaluating Facebook profiles and fan pages to reinforce your professional brand
This is a big list to tackle and social networking may not be for everyone, but I am determined to no longer be wary of the World Wide Web as an effective networking tool. It is my hope that this education, or perhaps re-education, of these media outlets will help you feel more confident in social networking along with benefitting you in your professional life and career development.

Stay tuned for next week: Top Tips for creating a stellar LinkedIn profile.

Author: Meaghan Lee

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