You want me to assess what?!

Assessments, personality assessments, interest inventories, etc. are all instruments used to assess who you are as relates to the world of work. Some are over-priced, some are hokey, but we offer five valid and reliable options right on our website. Three are even free! Sweet!

So…here’s the rundown:

FOCUS is a self-paced, online career and education planning tool that lets you assess your career relevant personal qualities and then explore career fields and major areas of study that are most compatible with your assessment results. This makes sense…but since you get your FREE results immediately, you might want to bring your results in and process them with a career counselor. To create a FOCUS account, go here and use "auburn" as the access code.

DISCOVER is a series of FREE assessments (interest, abilities and values) that offer suggestions to help you navigate career and college major decisions. I personally like to use this one to research major and career information too! Email with the subject line “DiscoverID” to receive a Discover userID and then go here. You are welcomed to print your results and bring them in to a career counselor.

TypeFocus™ is FREE and assesses your personality type and automatically incorporates it into seven personalized reports. These reports offer insight into self-awareness that promotes wise decisions about important topics including: What career choices fit with my personality? How can I improve my chances for getting a job? How can I get along with people better? What are my learning style strengths? We encourage you to make an appointment with a career counselor to review your results. Request a login and go here to access the site.

The Strong Interest Inventory® ($15) matches your interests with the interests of people who have been in career fields at least three years and are happy with their work. It takes about 30 minutes to complete this 317-item inventory and results are discussed with a career counselor. Go to to Assessments to complete the assessment.

The Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator ($15) assesses your personality type. Results and relevant work environment associations are discussed with a career counselor. Allow about 30 minutes to complete this assessment. Go to to Assessments to complete the assessment.

Contact Career Development Services at 844.4744 to talk to a career counselor about any of these prior to or after taking them.

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