What can I do with a major in…?

Many incoming freshmen, current students, and even soon-to-be graduates are asking themselves, “What can I do with a major in…?” Students often assume that a major identifies or limits the career(s) they can acquire when most often, that is not true. So, how do you find that major-to-career link?

CDS offers an on-line resource dedicated to the exact question being addressed: “What can I do with a major in?” (WCIDWAMI) If you fit into one of the following categories, I encourage you to explore this resource:

1. Researching/changing majors
2. Undecided
3. Loving your major but have no idea what to do with it
4. Seeking to expand your horizons/staying flexible regarding potential job market

WCIDWAMI helps you explore major-to-career options by identifying the following for the major of interest:
  • Typical career areas pursued
  • Typical types of employers
  • Tips to prepare strategically pursuing career areas
  • Links to related career descriptions, professional organizations and job posting sites
Educate yourself on your options to build your confidence in the classroom and job search. If you have follow-up questions, take advantage of the CDS walk-in hours (Summer: 12-noon, Mon-Thu and 12-2, Fri). Because here at CDS...Your Career is Our Mission.

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