Do’s and Don’ts of Resume Writing

Never underestimate the importance of a resume; it is key to getting a job interview! Your resume should be a brief (one to two page) summary that highlights your qualifications and experience as they relate to the job you are seeking. Apply these Do’s and Don’ts from Career and develop a knock-out resume!

DO target the content
Tailor your resume to the requirements of each job for which you are applying. A generic resume used for every position you apply for may be the cause of you losing an interview. Don’t take that chance! Spend some time researching each position you are interested in, and assess whether or not you have the skills the employer is looking for. If you do, create your resume to showcase those skills.

DON’T use complete sentences
Most employers spend 30 seconds to a couple of minutes reviewing a candidate’s resume. This doesn’t mean you should skimp on your resume details. Rather, this means the details explaining your work experience should be complete and concise. Hiring managers prefer short, bulleted statements they can read through quickly. Carefully and intentionally think through those details.

DO sweat the small stuff
Just one or two typographical errors in your resume could throw you out of the running for a job. Proofread your resume several times. Also ask friends, a career counselor, or a professor to review your resume before sending it out. Career Development Services offers E-resume review to Auburn students and alumni. Send us your resume via e-mail, and we will send it back to you within 48 hours with our suggestions. Two sets of eyes are better than one! Don’t let one small mistake ruin your chances of landing that dream job!

Author: Audra Perry

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