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Social networking can be a vital tool in the job search since networking is the number one way for graduates to get a career. And sure, I love to keep track of my friends on Facebook, and follow my favorite athletes on Twitter, but when it comes to professional networking, I am finding that LinkedIn is the best option.

LinkedIn is a social networking website that connects past and present colleagues and classmates together. Last week at Career Expo for Business majors, I met an employer who said the best way to contact her was on LinkedIn, and THAT was when I realized how important having a LinkedIn profile is.

The Experience Section allows you to...
  • List present and past jobs, time periods worked there and what your responsibilities were.
  • Show your network what you have accomplished in the past and what you're accomplishing today.

The Education Section allows you to...

  • Highlight your college and major.

Additional Sections allow you to

  • Develop a summary about yourself and your interests.
  • List what you consider to be your specialties.
  • Market yourself to possible employers or personal connections.
  • Make your personal and contact information available so professionals may contact you for career opportunities.
  • Tell others what you are currently working on.

My favorite part about my LinkedIn profile is the recommendations section. Other people from my network (like past or current employers, colleagues or even classmates) write short blurbs that highlight my strengths that endorse me as a responsible employee. To me, nothing expresses my worth like someone else writing about my abilities.

So if you want a leg up in your career search, connect with other professionals on It’s easy to register and only takes a few minutes. You can even upload your resume and it will create most of your profile for you! You never know when an employer will tell you to contact or network with them on LinkedIn. So get LinkedIn and get connected!

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Author: Brad Mitchler
Student Employee

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