Top Entry-Level Employers for 2009

You could aimlessly click from company website to company website or worse, flounder around on huge job posting sites trying to find someone who hires college graduates.


You could research companies who are actually hiring college students and start networking with people (maybe even Auburn alumni) who work for those companies!

"How?" you ask.

Well, puts out a survey each year and compiles a list! Here is the list for 2009. Verizon Wireless tops the list with plans of hiring more than 13,000 new grads. (The smallest featured employers will hire as few as 10.)

Now that you have the list, research these companies and find answers to the following questions to see if you would want to work there:

What type of positions do they have available?
Where are their opportunities located?
What kind of professional development do they provide?
What kind of benefits do they offer their employees?
How is their mission or value statement in line with your own values?

As you identify the companies where you would like to work, start trying to identify people who already work there so you can network with them. Career Development Services (CDS) has a powerful resource, CareerShift, that can help you not only find job postings but also identify leaders within the company. You can even narrow a search to identify Auburn University graduates.

If you need help identifying job opportunities and learning how to network effectively, utilize CDS career counselors! They are available on a walk-in basis, M-F, noon - 4 p.m. and by appointment (just call 844.4744 to schedule) M-F, 7:45 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.

The job search is a challenge...perhaps more so in today's economy, but the good news is that there ARE companies who are excited to hire college graduates! And using tools and resources available to you can make the search a lot easier.

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