Networking To Do List

With graduation just days away, you might actually be considering this networking business as a legitimate option since scrolling through on-line postings on job boards hasn't found you that dream job yet. is a list of networking resources to help get you started:

Identify new/old businesses seeking personnel
  • Chamber of Commerce listings
  • Tourism offices
  • Business journals (search by city) and publication reviews
  • Small Business Development Centers (Auburn's SBDC) connections
  • Regional community development organizations / authorities
  • Book of Lists – available in 303 Martin Hall

Talk to people

  • Family members, friends, friends' family members, faculty, staff, advisors, former supervisors, etc.
  • Seek referral from employers/recruiters
  • Campus employers - Part-time and full-time recruiters who have sought to hire Auburn students in the past

Go places

  • Networking opportunities - join city-wide, service driven or leadership programs and organizations
  • Attend and/or get involved with professional HR organizations such as SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management)

Utilize on-line network

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