Three Truths for Your Job Search

There are as many experts on job-search as there are people (currently around 6.7 billion) and weeding through the clutter can be very difficult. However there are three truths that no one can deny are most important in the search for a new opportunity.
  1. The most qualified person does not always get the job.
    I have seen it time and time again – a person whose qualifications are spot on to the job description gets passed over and doesn’t understand why. There are countless reasons why that happens – personality, interview style, what shoes they wore to the interview, they came across too confident, they were not excited enough about the opportunity, or probably one of the next two truths.
  2. The person who is able to articulate why they should be hired usually is.
    Whether you are sending in a résumé or sitting in front of a hiring manager you have to be able to effectively communicate why you should be hired. Having one general reason is not enough – you should have a minimum of five specific reasons, with examples, of why you are the best out there.
  3. It is not always about what you know rather who you know.
    Without a doubt the most powerful weapon you have in your job-search arsenal is your network. Personal relationships are important because most companies would rather hire a known entity rather than someone off the street. The bigger your personal network (not your online network) the more likely you are to uncover new opportunities and receive personal introductions to decision makers. To understand some of the basics on how to build your personal network check out our previous post Sourcing Opportunities (Positive and Productive Networking).

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