Job Search Sites

There are SO many places to search for jobs on-line.

It's a slippery slope many go down. You move from site to site, searching for jobs, and before you know it you've wasted four hours and found maybe four (if that) jobs that apply to you as a college student. First of all, most of your time should be spent networking to find job opportunities rather than staring at a computer. However, since you are going to are some suggestions:
  1. Tiger Recruiting Link (TRL): Start here. These people are coming to campus and posting positions specifically because they want to hire Auburn University students. There is also a part of TRL that directs you to nationally posted positions, and at least they are directed to college students not 20 year workforce veterans.
  2. CareerShift: It's a megasearch engine and pulls from job boards as well as company sites. You can search by skills/traits that are listed in the job description, not just by job title. It also offers a networking component that I suggest you utilize so you can introduce yourself to someone in the company of interest.
  3. Read this article to learn more about popular national job boards.

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