Job Search Jenna: Career Expo Reflection

Last Thursday I ventured into the Auburn Hotel and Conference Center with high hopes, a freshly pressed suit, and a few butterflies in my stomach. Newly polished resume in hand, I joined the throng of students working their way around the ballroom. This was my final Career Expo and I planned on making the best of it. I approached each employer with a smile and greeted them with a firm handshake and my 60 second elevator speech. I tried to apply everything I learned from Career Development Services (CDS). It was go time.

Once I finished speaking with the employers, I made my way to a nearby chair in the foyer to take notes. Who had I spoken with? What was their contact information? Did they tell me to contact them personally at any particular time? After completing my notes, I went home to send thank you emails to each employer I had spoken with. I made sure to include something personal we had discussed that would set me apart from the other students, while also reiterating my appreciation for their time.

Now that all the thank you notes have been sent, my next step is to return to CDS to speak with a career counselor. I now have a list of specific jobs to apply for and I need my resume and cover letter to be tailored to those employers. Each employer requires a different cover letter and most often a different resume. The career counselors will be able to look at the job application and see me through the process. While the Career Expo got me started down the right path, I know there is a lot left to do. To meet with a career counselor about your own professional job search, you can make an appointment with them by calling (334) 844-4744. Most often you will be able to book an appointment within a day or two. They’re not only here for resume and cover letter help, but for the application and interview process as well. The Career Expo can get us started, but it is our own responsibility to follow through. CDS can help. Happy job hunting.

Job Search Jenna '10

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