"Job Search Jenna" on Resumes

With graduation approaching in May, I’ve got a lot on my mind. Thankfully one thing I don’t have on my mind is my resume. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not apathetic to graduating and being unemployed. In fact, I’ve had my resume ready to go for about a year now.

Which is exactly my point.

Because I invested my time working with the CDS Career Counselors as an underclassman, my resume is prepped and ready to go now that I’m on the job hunt. I was scared of being the unprepared senior, so I started early. Now when I have spare time, it’s not spent crafting a resume, but rather actually applying for the job. With today’s economy, it’s nice to feel one step ahead.

One service I found to be very useful was the e-resume review. You can submit your resume to a CDS staff member for review via email and receive suggestions within 48 hours. Check it out at www.auburn.edu/career.

Your friend in the job hunt,
Job Search Jenna '10

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