Money Makin' Mitchler on Career Expo Prep

Attending Career Expo can be helpful in so many ways to a graduating Auburn student like me. It gives me a chance to network with employers, practice my elevator speech, and most importantly find a career! Next week’s Career Expo will be the second one I have attended, so I know what to expect and how I can prepare:
  • Check the list of employers attending Expo here
  • Target the ones who are recruiting my major
  • Research the companies to learn what services and products they provide (company site, CareerShift, Google, etc.) and who I would want to work with
  • Review the map posted here to see where they will be set-up at Expo

We can all use a leg up going into Career Expo, so take a few minutes to learn about the companies you plan to talk to next week. It could be the advantage you need to get an interview!
Money MakinMitchler ‘10

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