Student Perspective: The Gallup Interview

Ali, a student assistant in the Career Center, recently participated in a Gallup interview as a part of her internship interview process. These tips can help you prepare for a similar type of interview situation.

A Gallup Interview is an interview to determine your strengths and personalities. This is designed so the company you are applying for knows your strengths and will determine if they match the strengths the company wants. Before the interview, I researched and asked my other peers who have had a Gallup Interview before. Each person I talked to said the same thing. They said you cannot prepare for this, you just have to be yourself because they will ask you the same questions three different ways and are wanting the same response. However, I did do some research on and found some questions that they may potentially ask me. But the best advice was, to just be yourself. During the interview my interviewer was very animated and enthusiastic about the questions he was asking. He did ask the same questions three different ways on multiple occasions. The questions ranged from yes/no questions to short answers and during the yes/no questions he would then, most of the time, ask me to elaborate or give examples. When you are asked to elaborate or give examples this is the time to impress them because the interviewer does not have your resume in front of them and they do not have any prior information about yourself. This gives you the opportunity to sell yourself! The interview was also rapid questioning, so you need to be constantly on your toes and listening carefully. They also love when you are assertive, confident and answer with enthusiasm. Overall, I enjoyed the interview because it was different paced. Advice for future Gallup Interviewees: BE YOURSELF AND SELL YOURSELF!

Post by: Alexandra Britton
Employer Relations Student Assistant

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