50 Ways to Job Search with Twitter

Ok. I admit it. I tell students to utilize Twitter for their job search, but I haven't done a whole lot of exploring to figure out what it is they actually need to be doing. So, I looked for some times, and while this list overwhelmed me, I figure if you utilize just a fifth of it, you have exponentially expanded your job search options from sitting idly searching on a mega-job board.

So, thanks to applicant.com, here are the top 50 ways to use Twitter as a job search tool:
  1. Use Twitter search to look for jobs that are tweeted using keywords that pertain to what you are looking for.
  2. Connect with people in the companies and jobs that you are looking to get into.
  3. Tweet questions you may have in your field. It shows you have an interest in your field of work.
  4. Tweet about the field of work you are interested in. It shows knowledge and expertise.
  5. Tweet about the job you are looking for.
  6. Tweet about ways to improve the field of work you are interested in.
  7. Make a Twitter List and add the companies you are interested in working for.
  8. Tweet some of your skills.
  9. Talk about some of your past experience in jobs
  10. Tweet blog posts that you find or write about jobs that related to your field, etc.
  11. Help others find jobs. They may return the favor later on.
  12. Follow Twitter Lists that are about job searches.
  13. Use TweetDeck or other 3rd party software to keep track of important tweets tweeters.
  14. Use third party software to keep track of twitter searches that you do.
  15. Create a LinkedIn profile and link to that on your twitter page.
  16. Use a service such as TweetaFile to send your resume when needed.
  17. Figure out a time when your tweet may get maximum exposure. When are the companies you are looking at tweeting?
  18. Tweet that you are job hunting every once in awhile. Other people can help you find a job.
  19. Use a twitter job board, such as TwitHire.
  20. Use Hashtags with your tweets. It makes easier for your tweets to be found by search. It’s also a good way to refine your search for jobs.
  21. Don’t just promote yourself, help others promote themselves too.Job hunting as a community can have much bigger impact.
  22. Utilize the background of your twitter profile. Either design one or use a site such as Twitbacks to make one with a template. Make sure it somehow shows that you are looking for jobs.
  23. Follow @Microjobs and use their service to grow your network.
  24. Use TweetMyJobs to receive new job openings when they are available.
  25. Use NearbyTweets to look for job openings in your area.
  26. Get more targeted followers by going to Twubble and use it to find who your followers are following.
  27. Create a VisualCV and link to it from your twitter profile.
  28. Make sure you engage with your followers. Retweet and share information in a professional manner.
  29. Make yourself stand out. What can you do that would make you valuable to potential employers?
  30. Make sure you don’t spam. Tweeting every 5 minutes will only make you look like you are desperate for attention.
  31. Tweet first and then follow. If it doesn’t seem like you are active with your Twitter account, they may not follow back.
  32. Don’t just rely on Twitter. Follow up with email or phone call if needed. Use Twitter to supplement your search, not as the only tool.
  33. Use twitter to stay on top of things and keep your skills updated.
  34. Twitter can give you a bigger presence as your tweets and pages are indexed by Google. Make sure to put your keywords wisely while tweeting.
  35. Sharing photos is a great way to connect. Use Twitpic or other apps to tweet photos.
  36. Make a Twitter account specifically for job searching.
  37. Use your real name for your account if you can. If not, use something that is professional and related to what you’re going for. Having a twitter handle such as “XXXbadboy” certainly won’t help you land a job.
  38. Put your Twitter ID on everything so you are easily accessible. For example, link to your account through Facebook, LinkedIn, Email and put it on your business card as well.
  39. Use RSS feeds to stay on top of job openings.
  40. Get yourself listed in sites such as WeFollow, Twellow, etc. These will place your twitter page in categories and give you another way to be found.
  41. Connect your twitter feed to other social sites. For example you can connect with your Facebook account. It will give you more exposure.
  42. Use twitter on your mobile device to stay up-to-date when on the go.
  43. Follow active recruiters that are usually hiring people.
  44. Use the hashtag #resume with a description of yourself or a link to your resume.
  45. Use TweetBeep to send you an email for keywords that come up on twitter search.
  46. Put a “Hire Me” on your twitter avatar using twibbon.
  47. Don’t be afraid to join in conversations you see that relate to your field of expertise.
  48. Be yourself and be genuine. Let your skills shine through naturally.
  49. Always say hi to people that follow you. They may be a prospective employer looking for someone to hire.
  50. Start up conversations with recruiters and twitter stars. The more they get to know you the better the chances are they might refer you for a possible job.

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