Job Search Jenna: A Senior's Parting Words

For my last blog, I want to leave underclassmen with parting words of advice. In my four years at Auburn, I’ve learned more about life than just the lessons taught in my textbooks. I’ve compiled a list of things I found to be crucial to helping me succeed and put me in the position I am now to graduate with a job offer.

  1. Go to class. It is that simple. Simply by being present, you would be amazed at what your brain remembers at test time. You also meet classmates, some of whom may understand the subject matter better and offer to help, or at least get a study group together.
  2. Build rapport with your professors. At the end of the semester, the person you want on your side is your professor. Even in large lecture classes, they are often aware at who is in attendance and who is truly trying to succeed in the classroom.
  3. Get a part time job that correlates with your major. A friend of mine who graduated several years ago was very active here at Auburn. Recently however she told me she wished she had gotten a part time job that had more to do with her degree because it would’ve given her experience going into her professional job search. Though it is important to be involved with campus activities, remember that employers also want practical knowledge and experience in your field. 
  4. Intern. Though many majors at Auburn do not require internships, as a Communication major I was required to have one. My entire educational experience was enhanced by my internship with the Alabama Department of Industrial Relations. I learned how to practically apply my classroom knowledge into the real world workforce as a student. When the time came to start giving out my resume, employers were always intrigued by my two internships and how they better prepared me for job placement.
  5. Find out who you are. One of the very best things that could’ve happened to me at Auburn was when Career Development Services came to speak to my U1000 classes to explain our TypeFocus results. I learned all about my personality and what careers and interests were mostly closely suited to my results. I used my results to help shape my course of study and internship choices and even campus involvement activities.
  6. Don’t wait until the last minute to go to CDS. As an intern at CDS, I have spoken with many of my friends about what we do in our office. I talk to them about our resume review program, interview practice software, and resource library. Though we have all of these resources, I know that many students are unaware of everything we have to offer. I encourage freshman and sophomores to go ahead and come in to figure us out, so that by the time they are juniors and seniors they have a firm grasp on our services and can use them accordingly. Then by their last semester they are well equipped for their job search.
I have truly enjoyed my time as an intern at CDS this past year. I hope that as the year concludes seniors have had some luck with their job searches, and other underclassmen have gained something from us documenting our life as college seniors in our job search.

Your friend in the job search,
Jenna '10

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