Resume: “Final version”…or not so much?

Regularly, I am forwarded a resume file that is named “final” which leads me to believe that the student or alumni sending it thinks that his or her resume is ready to send out to potential employers. Way too often…that is not the case!

Here are comments I hear/read from students:

“Well, my dad/mom hires people all the time, and he/she said it’s great.”

Parents are distracted by their pride in seeing your accomplishments printed on a page, regardless of inconsistent formatting and ineffective language used. Also, parents may be unaware of the current trends in resume/cover letter writing that recruiters who are visiting college campuses across the country are seeking. So, unless mom/dad is hiring you…check out the resume writing tips on this blog and through Career Development Services (CDS).

“My English teacher looked at it, and she says it is really good.”

My mom is that English teacher, and I’ve actually tried to help her with her resume. Wow! It sent her into a tizzy to think she was going to send out something that consisted of incomplete sentences. So, while that English teacher can certainly help you develop more powerful language, be careful as their writing style is likely completely different from that used in resume and cover letter writing. And don’t let them convince you to put paragraphs on your resume!

“My favorite professor reviewed it, and he said it was going to get me a job.”

Professors use a curriculum vita (CV) to apply for jobs. They don’t have a resume. Many professors have never worked outside of academia. I’m just saying…seek their feedback regarding what the industry might be looking for, but then take their feedback and weave it into the suggestions CDS provides.

All that said, you are best served to have a LOT of eyes review your resume. So, share your resume and cover letter with all the people listed above (and more), but take their advice within the context of the guidance provided by CDS.

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