Social Networking Guru Part 3: Using LinkedIn Extras

Last week we covered re-vamping your LinkedIn profile which will vastly increase your chances of appearing in someone’s search and enhance your credibility with potential connections. Now, how do you further increase exposure and connect with more people in your industry? This week we will look at ways to expand your network through:
  1. Join groups: Joining the LinkedIn groups of your real life clubs, professional organizations, and educational programs can open a new world of potential connections. When getting involved in group discussions, you will meet students and professionals in your field who have similar interests and experiences as you. These connections can be useful in your job search by providing tips and leads to help you land your job. It is important to use groups professionally and always keep in mind your career goals in order to make the most out of your interactions. 
  2. Use LinkedIn Answers: This feature allows users to ask and answer questions on almost any topic imaginable. Asking thoughtful questions allows you to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of others. Additionally answering questions asked by others helps you gain visibility and make more connections. Browse for questions in your areas of expertise or interest that you feel confident in answering completely. Follow this link for step-by-step instructions on using LinkedIn Answers.
  3. Add Applications: Utilize LinkedIn’s app features to showcase your knowledge, skills, and abilities. With Blog Link and Wordpress, you can link your blog (assuming it is professional) to your profile to gain exposure and feedback. Share your top-notch PowerPoint presentation from your senior project with Google Presentations and Slide Share Presentations. Provide recommendations on books you are reading with Amazon Reading List and follow what the professionals in your chosen industry are reading.
Taking advantage of the many outlets available in LinkedIn allows you to customize your profile and job search to meet your goals. Target groups and answer topics of interest to you and focus on areas that pertain to your specific career goals. Use applications that will add value to your professional brand by reinforcing the skills listed in your profile resume. Enhancing your visibility on LinkedIn will help you connect with more students and professionals, learn about more companies, and land you more job opportunities.

Next week: Re-evaluating your Facebook page to reinforce your professional brand.

Author: Meaghan Lee

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