Student Perspective: Current Events and Interviews

Two weeks ago, I went to lunch with the office where I was an intern over the summer. Throughout the course of the meal, we discussed multiple current events, ranging from new local legislation to pop culture. Fortunately for me I had at least some knowledge of most of the topics of conversation, thanks much in part to a book I read several years ago, Getting from College to Career: 90 Things To Do Before You Join The Real World. Author Lindsey Pollak encourages students to read at least one major news source a day to stay updated on world affairs - the more diverse your knowledge, the better.

Pollak suggests that employers are looking for more than resume fillers: though you may have a stellar GPA and numerous honors, the ability to converse on a wide variety of topics goes beyond anything on paper.

Since reading Pollak’s book, I subscribed to Time and Newsweek magazines and check out,, and daily. Not only do I review world news such as the latest developments in Afghanistan, but also fun pop culture stories such as Lady Gaga’s new music video (which was in fact discussed at lunch). Having knowledge of the world around you shows that though you have an area of specialty, you are also able to converse on a broad spectrum of topics with co-workers and employers. According to Pollak, the primary reason for her advice is that no potential employee should ever be caught off guard lest the employer ask their thoughts on a news source or current event. Always brush up on the news headlines before an interview or conversation with your potential employer; you never know what may come up!

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