Student Perspective: Graduation is Coming and Using CDS

As finals week approaches, I have a lot on my plate. I’ve got cap and gown pick up, classes to attend, long nights of studying, and plenty of goodbyes I must be saying. However, amongst all of this, most seniors still have to continue their job search. For some of my friends, I have sensed a feeling of urgency to get something lined up as soon as they can. For others, an official job search will not begin until they have their diploma in hand. Yet still for others who are fortunate enough to do so, a job search is on the back burner until they have had a nice post graduation vacation.

Over the past few months, I have seen members of the Auburn family from many different generations come through the doors of CDS seeking help. Some of them are students who want to have a job right when they graduate. Others are alumni from years past who have decided to change career paths or have quit their job in search of something better. Still others are those lucky ones who took six months off after graduation and are returning to get the ball rolling. Whatever their reasoning, they all return to our office knowing that whatever their specific situation is we can help. In my time here I’ve noticed how each career counselor has their own “specialty,” as a liaison to the different colleges on campus. Some come in seeking the expertise of an individual counselor, while others can use guidance from someone outside of the field they are currently in. Although the reasons for coming in to visit CDS are broad, the services are offered to all Auburn students and alumni. Though I may seem to have my path cut out for me, I still enjoy coming into the office to visit with the career counselors and learn from them. Wherever your job search is right now, they can help.

Your friend in the job search,

Job Search Jenna ‘10

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