Top Tips: Finding a Part-time Job

Today we are celebrating Welcome Week with another fun activity, “Your Passport to a Part-time Job,” on the AU Student Center green space from 11-1. Career Service’s own advisors/artists, Katie and Audra, painted an awesome airplane and students will test their skills by throwing foam balls at targets on the plane. Those with the best aim will be eligible to win some great prizes!

This time of year there are many students looking for part-time employment on campus and in the community, so here are a few tips for finding a great job.

1. Be professional: Just because you are applying for part-time positions doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make the extra effort to prepare an effective resume and cover letter, dress appropriately, and follow-up. Have someone in Career Services review your resume and cover letter and offer suggestions for improvement. Make sure you arrive at the place of business wearing at least business casual attire. After making contact with an employer or attending an interview, follow-up with a brief but professional thank you note letting them know that you appreciate their time and are interested in working for them.

2. Be flexible: Sure, you want a job that can work around your school schedule because you have to go to class and have time to study, but consider being flexible in your work hours by being willing to work some nights and weekends. Students who are willing to work these hours are especially desirable in retail and food service industries that do much of their business outside of the normal 8-5 work day.

3. Be active: Don’t just sit back and hope a part-time job opportunity lands in your lap. Be active in your job search and cover all bases by utilizing TRL, visiting employers in person, and networking with peers and advisors. Use Tiger Recruiting Link (TRL) to search and apply for part-time jobs on and off campus. Check the site often as jobs cycle through the system quickly. Also, visit offices and businesses where you are interested in working to inquire about openings and express interest. Putting a face to the name on the resume will make you more memorable to the employer. Finally, ask your friends, classmates, and advisors if they know anyone who is hiring or have suggestions for places to go. Sometimes these contacts have an inside track on jobs that aren’t posted on TRL.

Learn more about how Career Services can help you by participating in “Your Passport to a Part-time Job” today (August 23) on the Student Center green space from 11-1. You might even win a prize! Also, take part in our Part-time Job Fair on Wednesday August 25 in the Student Center ballroom from 10-2 to meet employers and apply for part-time jobs. Business casual dress is required for the job fair.

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