Student Perspective: Blogging Tips

It may seem ironic to write a blog about blogging, but I have reached a dilemma with personal and professional blogs. How much is too much to share? What do readers need and want to know? Should I have a theme and how often should I write?

Here are some quick tips taken from Debbie Weil's "Top 7 Tips to Write an Effective Business Blog."

Be passionate about your topic. Have a clear focus that you are naturally motivated to develop. View it from a variety of perspectives to keep it fresh.

Less is more. Pages of words can be intimidating, so keep entries brief, concise, and personable. However, post frequently to keep ideas sharp and readers coming back for more. What is their incentive to follow you?

Developing your "voice". Sensing a personality is half the fun of reading a blog. Don't be afraid to be yourself in your writing. CAUTION: Know your audience and write in a way that ANYONE could read and appreciate it. (I wrote something funny about a guy who played guitar in Spain, and he found the comment and befriended me on Facebook - true story.)

Have fun with it. Design the page in a way that reflects you, include graphics, videos, pictures, other articles that all compliment your topic and your personality.

For more tips, follow the link to Debbie Weil's Business blogging tips.

Blogging is the not only the new craze, but a very efficient way to connect and relate to old friends and new acquaintances. Keep up the networking!

Margaret Kloess '10

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Debbie Weil said...

Thanks for the shout out. Amazing that these tried-and-true tips still work.