Student Perspective: Job Search Mishap

This week I applied for a job in Birmingham as a PR or communication specialist. That day I had applied for multiple jobs and neglected to remember all the names of each company...problem #1. That afternoon I received a phone call from a woman asking when I was available for a job interview. She spoke quickly, so I asked her to repeat the name of the company and the location (I was honestly scouring my memory at that point). They are looking for a personable and professional sounding person - of which I definitely wasn't over the phone that afternoon. She scheduled me for the next morning at 9:30...and I thought to myself, "They're expecting me to be in Birmingham..." To complicate matters, I then asked if a phone interview would suffice for the position. It is not ideal, however she inclined and set me up for a morning call.

I raced to my apartment and began researching this company and refreshing my mind for the position. Little did I know that I was researching a different company - one letter off...problem #2! I formulated questions and prepared myself for the phone call at 8:30 sharp! The woman said who she was and from what company, only then did I realize the "blonde moment"! She was calling to reschedule the interview for tomorrow morning. Thank goodness I had more time to research the correct company!

Word to the wise, keep a hard copy of applications and companies for which you apply. They will run together and I want to spare you from such embarrassment as I experienced.

Margaret Kloess '10

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