The Value of Career Services

According to NACE's 2010 Student Survey...

The likelihood of a student getting a job offer increased with the frequency of career center use:
  • Students who used the career center four or more times a semester were more likely to have job offers than those who used it once a semester

Use of career services resulted in higher median salaries, and median salaries climbed with increased use.
  • There was a difference in median salary of more than $5,700 between students from the Class of 2010 who never went to career services ($35,978) and those who went four or more times per semester ($41,714).
  • Students who went to career services once per semester had a median starting salary of $37,020, while the median salary for those who went two or three times per semester was $37,898.
Auburn University Career Development Services welcomes students (from freshmen to graduate level) to utilize our services:
  • major/career direction
  • resume and resume writing
  • interview skills
  • job search preparation / skills
  • connect with employers and job postings
  • salary negotiation
  • graduate school preparation
Walk-in Hours
303 Mary Martin Hall: Monday - Friday, noon - 4 p.m.
Student Center, Near Foy Information Desk, Monday - Thursday, 9 - 11 a.m.
Colleges: Call 844.4744 to learn when a career counselor is in your college

Call 844.4744 to schedule an appointment

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