Student Perspective: Apps for Your Life

Apps for smart phones are the perfect way to pass the time as you wait on a class or meeting. It is not recommended to pass your time this way prior to an interview as they can't see if you are playing a game or prepping. Regardless, below you will find some very beneficial applications, apart from the games and silly facts, that can keep you current and prepared for work.

Here are some popular Professional and Student apps:
  1. NYTimes App (Free)- Be informed of top headlines and current national and international news stories.
  2. Yahoo Finance (Free) - Get accurate and timely financial news, stock quotes, price charts, market trends analysis, and more, all on the go.
  3. Weather (Free) - Do not eat with your client outside if the forecast looks foreboding. Double check the weather for any outdoor events or meetings that week.
  4. LinkedIn (Free) - Learn about your professional contacts and recommend friends to interested employers.
  5. Sales Force (Free) - Subscribers have instant access to business and client data wherever they are. Log sales, access charts and graphs, check the latest activity, respond to new leads, and much more.
  6. Bento ($4.99) - This personal database will help you manage everything from to-do lists and exercise logs to event planning and business contacts.
  7. iStudiez Pro ($2.99) - Manage every type of school schedule, keep track of all your assignments, and stay on course for the next big exam.
  8. Oxford Dictionary ($14.99) - With more than 250,000 entries, 60,000 audio pronunciations, and a powerful search tool, even the most obscure words are just a few taps away.
  9. Personal Finance (Free) - The Personal Finance app shows you up-to-the-minute balances for each of your accounts. It even breaks out your expenditures by category and alerts you when you’ve exceeded your budget.
  10. G-Park ($0.99) - After you find a parking place, just tap “Park Me!” Then when it’s time to head back, tap “Where Did I Park?” and follow the turn-by-turn directions back to your car. How embarrassing is it when you are trying to impress someone and cannot remember where you parked?!

A few apps that I cannot live without:
  1. Newser (Free) - Current headlines sorted by Latest and Popular. Scroll through pictures and headlines, clicking on articles of interest to read a two paragraph summary of the event.
  2. Around Me (Free) - Find banks, bars, cinemas, hospitals, coffee shops, hotels, Apple stores and more through this handy location device. It provides a map, number and distance from your current location.
  3. Urban Spoon (Free) - Can’t decide where to eat? With Urbanspoon, ideas are just a shake away. Urbanspoon uses GPS technology or Wi-Fi to pinpoint your location and gives you random restaurant recommendations when you shake your iPhone.
  4. Better World Shopper ($1.99) - They've accumulated 20 years worth of data on over 1,000 companies. Food manufacturers, vehicles, clothing, airlines, banks- you name it, they have probably researched them. From that research, they have graded every company (A through F) on: *Human Rights, *The Environment, *Animal Protection, *Community Involvement, *Social Justice
  5. Medical Info ($1.99) - With Medical Info you will have all of the information a first responder might need always with you. This includes contact information for your doctor, your spouse, your parents, taking advantage of the contact information you already keep.

For more Work and School related applications, check out the Apple website.

Margaret Kloess '10

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