Student Perspective: Don't be a ditz, be prepared!

The phone call from the recruiter for a great job opportunity came at an unexpected, yet perfect, time...after completing a test and before going to work. Fortunately, I remembered the criteria of the position for which I applied three weeks prior to our conversation.

The phone call went like this:
  1. Discuss Resume, past experiences that relate to this position
  2. Why are you interested and what are your qualifications for the job?
  3. What are your expectations as far as the experience and salary? (oops! I did not do proper research for salary and asked her what was the typical pay.)
  4. The next step: send information to the hiring manager and set up a face to face interview
Things to remember with phone conversations with recruiters or interviewers:
  1. Find a quiet place with little foot traffic (I made the mistake of being in the lobby of Mary Martin)
  2. Know your resume and be prepared to answer questions or elaborate on experience
  3. DON'T ramble! Relate what you say to the potential job position.
  4. Show personality appropriately. Keep things light, communicate your interests, take note of your vocal tone and inflection.
Check out these additional tips on being prepared for phone interviews.

Margaret Kloess '10

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