Tipping Wisdom

With the potential for travels for job interviews, here are some tips on tipping for a wide variety of services:
  • Restaurants: 15 percent is a standard (tip more for outstanding service)
  • Wine steward assists in wine selection: 15 percent of the cost of the wine
  • Taxis and hair cuts: 15 percent
  • Hotel concierge who helps you with event tickets: $10
  • Car valet or door attendant hails taxi: $4
  • Hotel housekeeper cleans room or room service delivery:$2-4
  • Bellman or airport sky cap: $1-2 per bag
  • Coat-check person: $1-2
Tip more for extraordinary situations or service beyond-the-call. Tip more to the door attendant who hails a taxi in the rain or freezing temperatures. Tip more to a housekeeper if you really made a mess of the hotel room. Tip more to a wait person in a crowded restaurant if you hear him or her getting yelled at by the party at the next table. Give tips discreetly. Flashing the cash for all to see is considered low brow. Thank you Culture and Manners Institute for this post!

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