They're Ba-ack! Are You Ready?

As we begin to see an upswing in job opportunities with companies previously experiencing hiring freezes (or worse layoffs) during the recession, college juniors and seniors need to be ready to hit the ground running Spring 2011. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE)anticipates employers will hire 13.5 percent more new grads from the Class of 2011 than Class of 2010, painting a brighter picture than in recent years. To make sure you are on your A-game, take time to assess the latest trends.

Remember the Little Guys: While large companies typically dominate the college recruiting market, don’t overlook smaller companies and start-ups that may be looking for young, energetic professionals with fresh ideas. Employment in smaller companies often allows professionals to be involved with a broader variety of tasks and responsibilities. If these lesser known companies make you uncomfortable, take the time to research their products and services, look into their client lists, and make connections with current and former employees.

Be a Good Investment: The economy may be bouncing back, but many employers remain cautious about bringing on new talent. Companies put a great deal of resources into recruiting, hiring, training, and developing new employees so they want to make sure they have a good investment. Being aware of your top strengths and articulating them clearly to an employer will make you a more reliable candidate than someone who is unsure what they bring to the table.

Get Social: Social networking has quickly crept into the job search and many employers now realize and embrace the power these tools bring. Not only does e-recruiting streamline the hiring process, it also offers employers a broader picture (for better or worse) of the candidate in question. Make sure your online brand is solid by completing a quick scan of your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts and removing any unsavory pictures, comments, and information.

As always, check Tiger Recruiting Link often for new jobs and internships. On-campus recruiting will kick off the first week of February so resume deadlines are quickly approaching. Also, with the Career Expos only two weeks away, make sure to update your resume, dust off your professional attire, and research your top employers.


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