Student Perspective: Internships

As for internships, there are many companies that require you to register with their internal personnel computer system. Following the online registration, your information and application will be processed within the Human Resources department. It is important that your resume says a lot about you, covering your experiences and qualifications so that go as far as possible in the application process.

Your resume may cycle through a process in which key words and positions are matched that are specific to the posted job description.

Prior to your application, take the time to meet with advisors and find out if you are qualified to receive credit for a professional internship. There are many companies that require you to be a certain level or year in your education in order to qualify. Many internships are unpaid, and you will be required to be enrolled in college in order to get academic credits for the internship. If selected, hiring managers will let you audition and may give you the opportunity to work in a specific department of the company.

Internships might be found through a contact in your department, college or these resources through Career Development Services. Tiger Recruiting Link (TRL) and Internship & Summer Job Fair are always a good places to start!

CDS Intern '11

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