Put Yourself Out There!

It has come to my attention that our university is full of organizations and leadership opportunities, but those are filled by the same people. Why? Because those people are ambitious and TRY OUT for those positions. They get the titles and the name tags because they actually fill out the application and go to the interview. Getting involved on campus is really that simple.

I think that being involved with a campus organization (or two, three, four, etc.) is SO important for your personal growth. It puts you in contact with some awesome people who have interests like you. (You did both try out for the same organization. Obviously you have something in common.) These people can shape who you are and inspire you to hold yourself to a different level.

For example, when I was a freshman, I was consumed with schoolwork and social “obligations.” I never wanted to apply for anything because I genuinely thought I did not have the time or energy. I reluctantly joined Tiger Tuesdays, and found that it was a pleasant surprise. Once I was in that organization I found that being surrounded with such ambitious people rubbed off on me. I decided that I wasn’t actually as busy as I thought, and could afford to join another organization or be more involved in the ones I was already in.

Being in a campus organization also gives you useful experience for your resume and interview! Even if you want to be a doctor, and joining the Outdoor Adventure Club doesn’t initially sound advantageous to your future med school application, remember that your personality shining through is an advantage in and of itself, and you might develop leadership skills as well (Go for President!). At the very least, it will give you meaningful examples for future interviews.

For example, you get asked the inevitable, “Tell me about yourself?” Can you not draw some characteristic of yourself from your experience in the Outdoor Adventure Club? You enjoy a challenge. You pay attention to detail. You are comfortable with different types of people. You see?

Put yourself out there. Join an organization, and you will find that it WILL give you an experience worth talking about.

Paige Robinson '12
Career Center Intern

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