And the rose goes to...

During your job search you focus a lot of effort on getting an employer to pick you. Like the one of the bachelor's (or bachelorette's) potential "matches", you hope to have your name called before the final rose is handed out. You write rockstar resumes, compose captivating cover letters, and rehearse intriguing interview responses all for the sake of catching an employer’s eye and gaining your first big job. In doing so, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement, nervousness and anticipation of just finding a job, any job.

Over the past few years, many new grads have been coached to feel lucky and appreciative of finding ANY employment regardless of the position’s fit with his or her background, skillset and personal career goals. However, accepting a job and entering the workforce is a big commitment, an 8 to 9 hours of your day commitment, and I encourage you to put some time into finding the employer you want to work for and the type of company that is a good fit for you.

Compare Career Priorities
To identify companies that are a good fit for you, first think about your goals. What are the 3-5 top priorities in your career? When researching companies, take note of the “About Us” or “Corporate Culture” areas on their websites and look for mission statements that align with your career priorities and personal values.

Education does not end at college graduation, but continues throughout your career. It is important to stay abreast of trends and developments in your field. Find out how the company invests in continuing education and professional development opportunities for their employees.

Climbing the Career Ladder
You may be applying for an entry level position, but it is important to plan ahead for career growth. Ask the employer about the potential to expand your position or opportunities for advancement within the company.

Work/Life Integration
Investigate the company’s approach to supporting employees’ work-life integration. Many companies offer flexible work schedules, floating holidays, discounts on gym memberships and other options to promote the overall welfare of their employees.

The job market has experienced a rocky spell, but things are beginning to turn around. Employers are hiring skilled new grads and it is up to you to take the initiative to seek out companies and opportunities that mesh with your experience and goals. Knowing what you want from your career puts you in the position to accept a role with the company, or type of company, that supports your goals, development, advancement, and personal wellbeing. You'll be the one saying "And the final rose goes to..."

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