Dress for Success: Women

How cute is she? You know you ladies want to run straight to Ann Taylor Loft and pick-up the latest summer dress! But wait! If you are about to start your job search, there are other outfits you should consider spending your (or your parents') hard earned money on because this does not cut it for an interview.

"What's wrong?!" you ask?
  • It's a sundress. (too much skin)
  • It's too casual.
  • It screams, "Remember my clothes!" (You are going for "Remember me and my skills.")
So, what CAN you wear and not look like you pulled your mother's suit out of the closet? This one gets a bit closer:

What's better about this?
  • Less skin is showing.
  • The jacket helps create a more formal look.

What doesn't work?

  • Short sleeves really aren't a formal business look.
  • Avoid strappy sandals and stick to a close toe pump.
  • The skirt is probably approaching too short. (Check skirt length by sitting in front of a mirror and checking how much leg shows...you don't want a Marilyn Monroe moment in an interview.)

So...what's left?

How about this Banana Republic suit? It isn't your Aunt Myrtle's polyester nightmare. Now, while I stick to the afore mentioned shoe recommendation, let's talk about what works here:

  • Black is always safe as is a skirt suit...though a pants suit works in most environments these days.
  • The skirt is long enough to allow for the rise that comes with sitting.
  • The jewelry isn't too flashy or distracting. (If you're a fidgeter and would twirl a necklace like this, don't wear it.)

So, there you go. We've found the look that says, "I'm a capable professional," instead of "Eeeeeeee! Look how cute I am. Let's go shopping together soon!"

More questions? Come by 303 Martin Hall. Dillard's has provided us with some sharp and seasonal samples.

Today's Career Coach: Katie

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