Dress for Success: Men

In the job interview, what you wear should not be remembered by the company representatives interviewing you – if you dress properly, you’ll make an immediate good impression and then, the focus of the interview will be on your talents, experiences, and how you will be a great fit for that particular company/organization. If you are remembered for what you wear to an interview, chances are, you made a mistake.

Success in interviews begins with making a professional first impression. The first step in this is wearing the appropriate attire for the interview. A common mistake many job seekers make is to observe company culture as casual and then dress as such for the interview.

This guy may be the coolest boss you’ll ever have, but you shouldn’t dress like this for the interview.

What you say when you dress more casually for the interview is you are not taking this seriously. Companies and organizations consider new hires to be an investment of time, money, and resources. they want to invest in people who take their career seriously. So, even if the company culture is more casual, wait until you are hired to adopt this style.

Instead, wear a conservative suit for your interview attire. Here are some basic tips:)

  • Two-piece suit (solid colors – navy, dark grey, charcoal
  • Long-sleeved dress shirt (white is usually best, but you can coordinate with suit if you like)
  • Dark socks that match your pants
  • Necktie (if you need help tying it, try http://www.tieanecktie.com/ )
  • Nice dress belt (should match shoes)
  • Well-polished leather shoes (should match belt)

What about hair style and facial hair?

Your hair should be trimmed and well-kept. So, forego the shaggy look and adopt a closer cut that is easy to fix and looks good all day. Same goes for facial hair; if you have a beard or mustache, make sure they are well-trimmed – no handlebars or goatees.

American Eagle Outfitters Model: yes.
Winning points in an interview: no.

Go more for this kind of look:

Some other things to consider:

  • Make sure your fingernails are trimmed, clean, and neat
  • Bring a portfolio with copies of your résumé and writing tablet
  • Wear little or no jewelry
  • Limit the amount of aftershave or cologne
  • Have fresh breath, but don’t chew gum at the interview

Things to leave at home or in the car:

  • Your cell phone – even if it is your calendar and planner – just make good notes and transfer them later
  • If you have piercings, remove these for the interview
  • Cover all visible tattoos (tattoo cover cream http://stageandtheatermakeup.com/tattoolist.htm )

Final Thoughts

Prepare your clothes and materials the night before your interview to give you plenty of time to get ready. Also, plan ahead if you are traveling to an interview so you can arrive a little early. Make sure everything fits correctly and that you feel comfortable wearing your interview clothes (you do not want to appear stiff). Above all, remember, if you dress professionally, the interviewers will spend their energy and time on listening to you talk about how you would be a great fit for the company/organization.

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