Nightmare Scenarios at the Job Interview

Can you imagine taking an exam without preparing? No way. Would you yawn and act bored on a date if you were really interested in him/her? At your grandparent’s 75th wedding anniversary, would you show pictures of you doing a keg stand? Of course not!

Well, believe it or not, these are just some of the wacky things people do in interviews. While they provide funny stories to tell, no one wants to be the subject of one of these. So, here are a few tips of mistakes easily avoided.

Résumé Errors: Misspelled words, misplaced commas, and other grammatical errors can cost you. Your employer understands you will make mistakes, but when putting your best foot forward, you should take advantage of every review resource available to you.

There is no reason for careless errors on your résumé. Same goes for those Thank You notes and any other follow-up correspondence. (Click the links for more information on résumés and cover letters.)

You should also make sure your contact information is easy to find on your résumé and up-to-date. If you are hard to get in touch with, no employer will get in touch with you.

So Excited: When you go to a job interview, you need to be excited to be there. Now, you don’t want to be hyper, but act like you want to be there.

This is how the employer judges whether or not you will fit in to the company culture and environment. It is muy importante that you give the interviewer(s) your attention in everything you do during the interview.

Your Online Image: Finally, the images you share with friends and family online are not always as protected as you may think. One employer reported finding pictures of a bare-bottomed potential employee on the person's MySpace page!?! While most of you wouldn’t dare think of posting such items, pictures of yourself doing anything deemed risky or taboo might be used against you. So, it’s best to take all of that down before you interview because chances are, the company you interview with will “Google” you before hiring you.

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