Harrison School of Pharmacy

You probably basically know what a pharmacist does, and you probably think you know what you do in pharmacy school. Well, for that "basic" type of information visit their website, to learn what they are really doing, keep reading!

Return of a legend!
These red shirted P1’s helped revive “Hargreaves Day” after several years of dormancy. This event honors beloved professor George Hargreaves, who was instrumental in building up the pharmacy program in its early days and was a mentor to so many. Hargreaves Day consists of field games, including tug of war, wiffle ball, ultimate Frisbee and volleyball. Each class wears different colored shirts and competes against the other. In 2008, The P1’s went home with the trophy and bragging rights for the year.

Practical Experience
Student Pharmacists get practical experience administering routine health tests to State Legislators during Annual Legislation Day.

Drug Research
The Harrison School of Pharmacy’s Department of Pharmacal Sciences conducts important drug research in areas such as Alzheimer's and Diabetes. This research has the potential to enhance people’s lives and well being in the real world. Graduate and post doctoral students come from all over the world for a chance to study here.

Tee up!
The 12th Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament raised $20,700.00 for scholarships this year. It’s also an opportunity for faculty, staff and students to get together informally with each other and pharmacy professionals.

Build Team Building Skills
Team Building can come in many forms. This year during Orientation Week, new P1’s were asked to build a tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows. It was fun, competitive and educational.

Mock Trial
The annual mock trial attracted media attention again this year with a film crew from the Alabama Public Television show, "On the Job," showing up to tape it as a part of a segment on becoming a pharmacist. The case revolved around the death of a fictional 25-year-old female whose pharmacist had overlooked a known interaction problem between her medications. This is the fourth year HSOP has presented a mock trial, an event unique among schools of pharmacy. The trial has proved a valuable tool to introduce students to the law and the professional responsibilities of pharmacists.

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