You just gotta do it...Networking

Research says that 85% of jobs are obtained through networking. are some tips to keep you networking...ALL THE TIME!

  1. Remember you are always networking.
  2. Contact cards are as important as your credit cards.
  3. Keep contact cards easily accessible.
  4. People will form an impression of you within the first five seconds.
  5. Positive words are attractive.
  6. Always extend your hand for handshake.
  7. Shake hands with everyone.
  8. Stand when you are being introduced to someone.
  9. Write your first name in large letters on your name tag.
  10. Wear your name tag on your right side.
  11. Decide what your objective is before you go to any event.
  12. You know what you know; ask questions so that you can learn.
  13. The person standing alone could be the most interesting person in the room.
  14. The way you introduce yourself should be fun.
  15. Networking is about building relationships. People purchase products and hire people they know and like.
Need more help? Checkout CareerShift as well as the CDS Networking Tipsheet.

Resource: Valerie Matta, VP Business Development, CareerShift, LLC

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