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A recent US Department of Labor report projects that 80 percent of the children beginning kindergarten today will eventually enter jobs that don’t exist yet. So, how do students prepare to enter such an ever-changing workforce? How do you obtain the skills and knowledge that can work as a basis for any career?

With one of the 30 bachelor degrees, or 17 graduate degrees in the 12 departments of the College of Liberal Arts at Auburn University, you are on your way.

Find your place in the College of Liberal Arts, then find your place in the world.

Employers desire transferable skills—the kind earned with a liberal arts education.

A recent AT&T survey found that liberal arts majors advance more quickly to middle and senior management positions, and research conducted by the National Association of College and Employers found that written and verbal communication skills, the ability to solve complex problems, to work well with others, and the ability to adapt are crucial to success in the workplace. Degree programs in the College of Liberal Arts teach people to think creatively, critically, and independently; to communicate effectively; and to adapt to change and see things from all perspectives.

Having trouble choosing a major? Let CLA advisors help you plan your education and pave the way for a successful future!

Make the most of your time and get involved!

The College of Liberal Arts offers many opportunities for extracurricular involvement, all of which can provide the kind of valuable experiences that employers are looking for.

Check with your department for outreach and professional development opportunities including:

Study Abroad Programs

Civic Engagement

Volunteer Opportunities

Wherever your place is in the world, the College of Liberal Arts will help you get there.

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