Is a one page resume that big of a deal?

We get asked a lot if a resume really needs to be just one page. The easy answer for a college student is "Yes, one page is enough." However, in a competitive job market, you want to include enough information to get the reader's attention. Just make sure you aren't including everything you have ever done (especially high school). This isn't your autobiography. It's your resume and everything on the resume should convince the employer why you are the best person for that job. They say that you may only get 30-50 seconds for someone to scan your resume. You certainly want what they read to be meaningful!

Another thing...make sure that what you are including translates outside the Auburn community. For example, people who don't "know Auburn," would be more inclined to think that Miss Auburn is a pageant title instead of the official hostess of the University. They wouldn't know that this person had campaigned for the position and supported a platform. "Diamond Dolls" and other leadership positions supporting our awesome athletic teams are another group that would be better "marketed" with some explanation...unless you are seeking an "evening" job. (Google "diamond dolls" if you aren't convinced.)

The hard part about this...especially if you are a campus leader or have worked a ton of jobs to support yourself while attending that while these positions and jobs have been important to you, they might not amount to a "hill of beans" when being considered for a particular position. So, try to step back...look at each experience...and ask yourself some questions: Does this translate as a leadership position to an employer? Is this getting redundant? Did my involvement in this organization consist of more than my sending in $50 and receiving a certificate? Do I want to be asked about this in an interview? Will this show that I can really manage my time? Does this show that I have been recognized in the past so the employer will also want to "recognize" me?

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Sometimes, all of the information you have on your resume needs to be there, but you may just need some help formatting it on the page. Regardless, Career Development Services can help! Walk-in hours (M-F, noon - 4 p.m.) are great for resume help. You can also email your resume through eResume Review and get feedback within 48 hours.

To get started, pick-up a free copy of our career handbook in 303 Martin Hall or review it on-line here. We also have a free tool that can help you get your resume started called Optimal Resume. Just make sure you still edit the Word version as it doesn't automatically create the perfect version.

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