I believe in internships… and love them.

At least now I do. I was hesitant to pursue an internship because of all of the horror stories I’d heard about filing paperwork and manning phone lines for countless hours. However, I trekked on, having learned from my older friends the value an internship had in their job search. Looking back, this was the best decision I’ve made in my 3 ½ years here at Auburn.

This past summer I interned for the Alabama Department of Industrial Relations where I gained a wealth of knowledge, none of which included tedious or useless laboring for a boss who didn’t know my name. Instead, I invested myself in my internship and in turn my employer invested in me.
This learning experience was real and had a lasting impact on me as I returned for my senior year at Auburn. Since then, I’ve interviewed for several things, including my current position with Career Development Services. In each interview, the interviewer said, "Tell me about a time when…" "…you demonstrated leadership" or "… had to work with a team to address a problem." The employers were looking to see if I had real experience that I could translate to fit their organization. In all instances I referenced my internship to provide a meaningful answer. Drawing upon my internship experience, while still a college undergraduate, set me apart from other job seekers.

So, do you want an internship now?!

The easiest resource to start your search is Tiger Recruiting Link. Register to see listings, both for job postings and on-campus interviews. Scroll down to CareerShift and Internships.com to find other great opportunities that aren’t specifically targeting Auburn students. There are even books in the career resource library located in 303 Martin Hall. If you want to target a specific company, go to their website or contact their human resource department.

Your friend in the job search,
Job Search Jenna '10

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