A Weekend Difference: Practice Phone Interview Skills

One weekend can make a difference: Call a friend who is also in the midst of the job search, have them use the questions listed on this tip sheet and practice the following tips:
  1. Use a landline. If you don’t have a land line at home, go to a place where you consistently get reliable service. Call Career Development Services to see if a phone is available to you.
  2. Keep your materials handy. (Lay everything out in front of you: resume, notes about your career objective, a pen and pad of paper for note-taking and anything else you think may be helpful during your interview.)
  3. Steer clear of distractions. Find a quiet place with no noise (pets, roommates, children, etc.) in the background and stay there!
  4. Speak slowly and clearly. The interviewer can’t pseudo read lips as most of us do daily so every word must be enunciated…but natural. (no robots please)
  5. Remember – you can’t be seen. That means that body language is lost. Beware of jokes or sarcastic remarks that would have been harmless had he seen your facial expression. Maintain your professionalism; stay on target with the interview topics and focus on the key information about you that will get you hired.
  6. No eating, drinking or chewing gum! Seriously?! However, having a cup of water handy might be a good idea
  7. Prepare questions ahead of time.

Question Examples:

“What does a typical day look like for an employee with this job?”
“What are some skills I would need to develop in order to excel in the position I’m applying for?”
“What software/equipment would I be using?”

But DON'T ask about salary or benefits until the employer has brought it up.

Many thanks to http://newgradlife.blogspot.com for the tips used today!

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