Do’s and Don’ts of Interview Attire for Women

Ladies, we’ve all heard it before: You only have one chance to make a good first impression. But, it’s so true! This is especially important to remember when you interview for a job. One way to make a successful first impression is by being dressed professionally.

Do you know what is considered to be appropriate attire and what isn’t? Play it smart! Take the time to think about what you will wear. For some help, follow these do’s and don’ts:
  • DO dress conservatively and DO wear a well-tailored suit
  • DON'T wear anything you consider “iffy” such as bright or low-cut shirts. Uncouth clothing is never appropriate business attire. Wearing a black, navy, or grey suit is best. Paired with a plain, long-sleeved shirt or blouse (white, cream, or light-blue), you are on your way to completing your interview wardrobe.
  • DON’T wear mini -skirts (If you wear a skirt, make sure the hem of the suit skirt is no more than two inches above the knee. This is neither the time nor the place to show off your legs, no matter how nice and toned they may be!)
  • DO wear natural makeup (Go easy on the makeup! Stay away from bright lipsticks and eye shadows. Stick with a neutral palette by sparing the foundation, blush, etc. and go for a natural and subtle look. My point is, don’t go to an interview looking like Tammy Faye Bakker!)
  • DON’T wear excessive or flashy jewelry (Wear simple earrings (Pearls are perfect!), a wedding band/engagement ring, simple necklace or bracelet, and a basic watch are appropriate. Don’t wear hooped of dangling earrings, multiple rings or bracelets, loudly patterned scarves, and other items which distract from your outfit.)
  • DON’T wear elaborate shoes (Stay away from extremely high heels, ankle boots, stilettos, or shoes with elaborate bows, buckles, etc. Pantyhose should not have any runs or snags and should be a neutral tone. Keep away from snazzy designs and textures.)
I know, I know! For the fashionista, business professional attire can be drab and boring. BUT, you don’t want an employer to remember you for what you wore to an interview. You want them to remember you for your skills, abilities, and the fact that they should hire YOU!

Next week… Do’s and Don’ts of Interview Attire for Men

Author: Audra Perry

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