Money Makin' Mitchler on Getting Interviews

I have recently had a surge of success in acquiring interviews, so I would share how I have gotten these great opportunities. So far the key to success has simply been spreading the seed! If you purposefully apply to a large amount of career opportunities, you are bound to find some success. Here are my suggestions:

  • Reach out to an employer that you’re interested in working for, even if you suspect you’re not qualified for the job. Worst case scenario, you never hear back.
  • Don’t be scared to contact an employer even if they haven’t posted a position for hire as you never know when a position is open and not advertised.
  • Browse for jobs on Tiger Recruiting Link (TRL), something I do with no company in mind at all. When I find a job of interest there, I pull the contact information from TRL and submit my resume and cover letter.
  • Before you contact any employers, develop a great resume and cover letter by going over it with a career counselor. Also, you MUST make these documents relevant to the particular job. It takes little time to make a few changes here and there to an already well developed resume.

If I’m on my game I can usually apply for several jobs a day just by just searching for postings on TRL and CareerShift and taking a few minutes to email them a cover letter and resume.

Remember: If you only contact a couple of employers, you can only expect a couple of opportunities. You’ll have a lot more success the more you send your resume out, I can vouch for that!

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