Those blasted interview questions

This brief video clip from the TV Show, The Middle, made me laugh out loud. I will address the blundered questions after the clip:

So, What brings you to XYZ Company?
Rather than state the painfully obvious, "You called me in for an interview," communicate to the employer that you have done your research on the organization and position and share how you are a fit for both.

Tell me about yourself. What are three words that best describe you?
The employer wants to know the things about you and the words that describe you as relate to the position. If you are applying for a sales job, you probably need to use words like persuasive, communicator and creative. If you are applying for a chemical engineering position, you would be more likely to use analytical, organizer and problem solver.

What is your best quality?
Again, this relates to the qualities that are going to make you better at the job for which you are being considered. See this previous post regarding skills and qualities employers are generally seeking if you can't discern ones from the posting you have available to you.

What is your worst quality?
The characters response to this question, "Why would I tell you that?" is a good be considered but not used in an interview. Why are they asking you this? They are trying to evaluate if you have enough self-awareness to know where your areas of needed growth and potential are. None of us have "arrived." My pastor, Steve Scoggins, often quotes, "If you're green you'll grow. If you're ripe you'll rot." In your career development, you are still green. You have much development, personally, professionally, emotionally, etc. to go. (Remember this along the way, and you will be much more successful...keep educating and challenging yourself!)

The key is to not pick a "deal breaker" to share. If you have struggled to get to class on time, this is not the time to share that you are always late. (I suspect that you plan to turn over a new leaf upon entering the world of work.)

Share the weakness and then communicate how you are working on it and how you have overcome it in the past. For example, you might say, "While I am incredibly gifted in bringing a project to fruition because I can take someone's big idea, see the needed steps and move forward efficiently and effectively, I struggle to actually be the one who comes up with those new ideas. So, I am always proactive in finding the idea maker to be on my team, and I've worked on brainstorming techniques that have helped me develop things like...a new marketing plan for my office."

If you were a color, what color would you be?
Personally, I find this line of questioning ineffective. But...they are used. Don't over think your answer. Show that you can be creative and spontaneous and that you don't get ruffled when the unexpected happens.

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