New Graduate: Have You Considered Temporary Employment?

As an Auburn graduate maybe you’re not sure where you’re going to start life after college or due to other life circumstances you’re playing the waiting game before you can definitely commit to a full time position. Speaking from this very experience, you should check out temporary employment options either with Auburn University or other companies and universities who are looking to fill temporary employment.

Although your situation can be frustrating, taking a temporary position can be a great opportunity. Let’s face it, if you are itching to be in the work force but haven’t been able to land that perfect job, working as a temp is great because it does provide you with some income while still applying for jobs. And if you can’t apply for permanent jobs just yet because you have no idea where you will be living, temporary work may be an option for you.

Temporary employment can be a Win Win situation. While the employer is helping you to fill the gap between college and the world of work, you too are greatly helping the employer run at full capacity during a possible employment change. One other great perk of temporary employment is its flexibility. Usually you only commit to the job as you can, and sometimes employers need to fill positions for a few months or even just a few weeks. Keep in mind that your temporary position could always turn into a permanent career opportunity.

As a temporary employee, this is your time to shine and make relationships with people in the company who may be hiring in the near future. Now more than ever, networking is your key to finding a job that suits your interests and abilities. Definitely, take advantage of this uncertain time to begin making those connections. Also, every experience we have helps us to discover more of who we are and where we excel. Never say never, you may find that you like the work you are doing as a temp, which will help you refine your career interests and goals.

Also, your temporary work experience can always be something you can add to your resume. Although you may feel like a fish out water, it’s ok; it takes time to find your place in the real world. However, a temporary job can help you to immerse yourself in the world of work which will only help ease your transition into a more permanent type situation. Needless to say, don’t give up, take advantage of every opportunity, and if you are in an uncertain situation, keep in mind that temporary employment may be an option for you!

Author: Jenna Shugart

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