Etiquette Dining Tip: Practical and Funny

Thank you Culture and Manners Institute for this hilarious and practical tip!

The cherry tomato. So little and round and cute atop your little foothill of salad...and yet so hazardous. Everyone is faced with the dilemma. Is it small enough to pop the whole tomato in my mouth? Or do I have to slice it in two? Have you ever tried to cut a cherry tomato only to have it explode like a geyser and splatter your outfit? (No, you can't tuck your napkin into your collar to prevent that.) Or in the attempt to cut the slippery orb in two, you launch it like a salad dressing-soaked cannon ball onto the floor or your neighbor's lap? (In an important dinner, Murphy's Law says it's headed for the lap.) Some fear the cherry tomato and let it sit there mocking them.

Enjoy your tomato. Trap the little monster against your knife and put one tine of your fork through the top, where the tomato was once connected to the vine. Push the fork in a little deeper...niiiiiiice and slooooow. Now that the tomato is trapped with the fork in it, you may use your knife to gently divide and conquer. Savor the victory.

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