Stressed about Which Major to Choose? Try Informational Interviewing

As Career Development Services welcomes Camp War Eagle students, I am reminded how stressful choosing a major and career can be. There is still summer left so use that time wisely to conduct informational interviews with professionals working in various career fields of interest. Having too many options can be overwhelming! Not knowing your options can as well. Informational interviewing sharpens your perception of the career you are researching. It also helps you to develop contacts and it is a great way to measure your compatibility with the people, work environment, and general lifestyle of the career. Here are a few examples of good informational interview questions.
  1. How did you get started in this Business/Industry?
  2. What are the positive and negative aspects about your position and the industry as a whole?
  3. What are the major rewards of your job?
  4. What are the major frustrations you encounter on your job? How do you encounter them?
  5. What are the current career opportunities in this field?
  6. What skills, experience, or other qualifications do you recommend I acquire in order to obtain a job in this field?
  7. What is the typical career path for entry level hires?
  8. What are some other good sources of information about this industry i.e., articles, reports, journals, and people?
  9. What professional associations represent this field?
  10. Who are the recognized leaders in this industry?

Although an informational interview takes a little more work on your part, in the end, you will be glad you went to this length to research your career. Why not be in college majoring in something you love, already armed with contacts who could potentially hire you for internships, summer and even full time jobs! If you have any questions about networking and informational interviewing you can access more information from our tip sheets section on our website or feel free to make an appointment to meet with one of our career counselors! Meanwhile, have a great summer!


Author: Jenna Shugart

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