Proofread You’re Massages

Yes, the mistakes in the title of this blog are on purpose! But I see way too many resumes and cover letters where that is not the case...

I received a resume from a student this week who is applying for a position in our office to critique resumes and cover letters. I was shocked to learn that Disney Pixar Films are apparently giving out degrees! You remember Mater, right? He was the loving yet Southern hillbilly talking (a less than ideal demonstration of the Southern dialect) tow truck from Cars. Well, this graduate student listed this as his degree:

Typos are almost a guarantee when you are putting together a text-heavy document, but if you want your resume and cover letter to be considered in today's competitive job market, you have GOT to proofread! Have other people proofread for you as well. Spellcheck doesn't catch everything. Our eResume service is a great opportunity to have a professional review your personal marketing pieces before you submit them to a potential employer. Check it out!

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