Student Perspective: InterviewStream

“Uhhhh…I don’t know.” This is NOT something that an employer wants to hear come out of your mouth during an interview. What they are looking for is confidence, someone who is not afraid to step up and help lead the company to new heights. Ever wanted to be that lucky individual that gets hired on to do just that? Well, now you just might!

CDS has an online job interview site, InterviewStream that can be found on Tiger Recruiting Link (TRL).

On this site you can do the following:
• Pick a set of questions
• Conduct a live interview
• Watch/Critique yourself during the interview
• View tips on how to ace your interview
• Gain insight on how to answer certain “tricky” questions

This website can help you prepare for your next interview. You can also set-up a Mock Interview with a career counselor or advisor for a more in depth practice. Just call 334.844.4744.
While there is no guarantee that you will have a job when you leave your next interview, you will leave with the happiness in knowing that you gave your best. Good Luck!

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