Pro-Active VS Re-Active Job Search

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In past economic climates, many of us have never had to conduct a formal job search. Times have changed, and so has our need to pursue a Pro-Active approach to finding our next position. 

A Re-Active Job Search is when we REACT to positions that are already open and advertized. This method utilizes job boards, recruiters, papers, on-line publications, etc.

A Pro-Active Job Search is developing relationships and networking to find opportunities that have not been posted or may not even be available at the time. It is being in the right place at the right time OR having a conversation with the right person at the right time. While this may appear to be a matter of chance, more often it is a matter of proper planning, strategy and finesse.

If we believe the research that says:
  • 80-90% of open positions never get posted
  • 70% of total job opportunity comes from networking
Then it is vital to understand how to network and conduct a successful Pro-Active job search.

Please take some time to review the Search Strategy and Implementation sections under the “BE STRATEGIC” section in the CareerBeam system. Powerful resources are available to help:
  1. Identify and expand your network contacts, 
  2. Understand best methods to communicate with your network, 
  3. Determine how long your job search may take, 
  4. Target organizations.
A staff member in Career Development Services can also help you with networking ideas and strategies. Come see us!

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