What about recruiting/staffing agencies?

According to Val Matta with CareerShift, nine of 10 companies use recruiting/staffing agency services. She described the scope of their services as follows:
  • Temporary services, as needed, depending on a business’ cycle of business, and ‘contract’ needs (filling in).
  • Direct hire, recruiting for regular needed positions at a particular company.
  • Direct Search, screening and handpicking an appropriate pool of candidates for a specific position. This is a big need now, with talent walking out and the need for rebuilding.
Here are tips on using a staffing agency as part of your job search:
  • Search for recruiters that target your industries and/or target positions. (They have specialties.)
  • Follow their instructions precisely when making contact.
  • Remember they do not work for you; they work for the Company.
  • Really target what you want and have your resume support it.
  • Use them as a practice for interviewing and gathering real feedback. (they conduct them every day)
  • Use them to help gather target companies that meet your criteria. They often have a pulse on the underbelly of which companies are really good to work for and/or what the business cycle hiring needs are.
  • If you really click with a recruiter, they will remember you for future positions that arise. They network/partner with other recruiters. 
Career Development Services is happy to provide CareerShift as a resource for Auburn University students and alumni.

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