Choosing a Major: Resources that Work

Career counselors talk all day long about taking purposeful steps to identify a career and/or major that is a fit for your interests, values, personality, etc. But at the end of the day, after you've assessed yourself to death, you need tangible, up-to-date information about major and career options and how they are connected so you feel comfortable moving forward! So, from me (that rambling career counselor) to you (the student) here are two new resources I've learned of and one oldy but goody:

Degree Directory is an interesting resource you may want to explore. As an Auburn student, you won't need the links to the on-line degree programs, but use their subject finder to discover accompanying career and salary information (including videos) for major-related occupations.

Future-Jobs-O-Matic is a fun twist on choosing a career/major if one of your big worries is if a certain career will offer job opportunities in the future or not. I found the information a bit limited, but it was still fun to play with, and you might just find a golden nugget of information!

What Can I do with a Major in...? connects you to a list of different areas of employment, types of employers and strategies to be competitive for a list of 70 different majors. Also, it links you to related professional organizations and career descriptions. Check it out!

And if you don't yet know what you want to major in and/or pursue as a career and you haven't yet explored our should. Then meet with a career counselor...rambly or not, we can empower you with resources to help you navigate the process of choosing a major/career!

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